Free CPR RsQ Assist® Devices!

American Heart Association (AHA) reports that Early, Quality, Bystander, “Hands-Only” CPR can increase the chances of survival from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) two to three times!


CPR RsQ Assist® not only agrees but adds that with CPR RsQ Assist® The Power to Restore a Heart Beat is in your Hands!


Sudden Cardiac Arrest can and does happen anytime, anyplace and to anyone!


Effective immediately, CRP RsQ Assist® is introducing:




That’s right! Use your CPR RsQ Assist® to provide Early, Quality, “Hands-Only” CPR and we will REPLACE THE DEVICE FREE OF CHARGE!


Simply call CPR RsQ Assist® TOLL FREE number at: 1-877-277-7998, or email us at: and provide the following data to receive your no-charge replacement device.

1.    Name of rescuer!

2.    Date of use

3.    Location of use ie: home, workplace, other

4.    Age of victim if known

5.    Any other applicable data


Thank you for participating and thank you for purchasing CPR RsQ Assist®,the world’s leading “Hands-Only” chest compression device.


“When your hands need a hand”, CPR RsQ Assist® can help!