CPR RsQ Assist - When your hands need a hand

CPR RsQ Assist: CPR Device for Hands-Only Chest Compressions

A cardiac emergency that requires CPR can be a frightening thing - but administering CPR doesn't have to be. With the CPR RsQ Assist device, anyone and everyone can have the confidence to perform CPR in those vital first few minutes.

With clear voice directions telling you exactly what to do and a flashing LED to keep time, CPR can be performed immediately, correctly and with certainty. Using the CPR RsQ Assist will also help to reduce fatigue in the person administering CPR by using the leverage of their upper body on the easy to grip handles. Because there is no formal training needed to use this CPR device,anyone can perform touch free chest compressions.

The CPR Rsq Assist is great for the home, office, and anywhere in between. It is reported that 88% of cardiac arrest episodes occur in the home, so having a CPR device available for immediate use is essential to increasing a person's chance of survival.

Affordable, easy to use and accessible to all - CPR RsQ Assist should be a staple everywhere you go.

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